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Huizhou Gongxu Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of all kinds of simulated plants, plastic technology, accessories and other products, the company is located in Daling Town, Huizhou City, Zhengbotenwei Industrial zone. The company set management, research and development, design, production, sales and service in one. We have professional technology, professional production team, continuous development and innovation of various series of high grade, high quality products, our main products are simulated trees, flowers, size pot and so on...


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Mainly focus on the development of various series of high-end high-quality simulation plants, simulation trees, simulation flowers, simulation pot, large-scale simulation garden landscape, rockery more than a thousand varieties. Can receive 3-5000 tons of orders, 7-35 days delivery, welcome to buy!

The combination of technology and technology

The technical mastery of every detail of the manufacturing process creates a miracle of nature, yet flawless.

The combination of technology and technology

Delicate handwork makes each product come to life.

Uv protection technology prevents fading even in outdoor areas.

Flame retardant technology protects the product from any potential fire.

Product coverage worldwide
Serve people's wellbeing

Products not only have a broad market in the domestic market, but also exported to foreign markets, with quality and price advantages to win the satisfaction and trust of domestic and foreign customers.

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